Embracing Change: New Name, New Website, New Offerings

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I’ve heard the whispers that “everyone hates change,” but I beg to differ. People adore the possibilities change brings; they may dislike the effort it demands. However, let’s redefine redefine that perspective.

One CEO I worked with told his team to “embrace the suck” when they went about an organizational shift. Folks couldn’t quite get into that kind of thinking. Instead, I suggested we look for the wins as the change happens. That approach offsets the difficulties. Sure, things will be challenging, but there are some positives also. Let’s focus on those and where they are taking our worlds.

It’s a testament to our resilience, a celebration of our evolution, and an acknowledgment that change becomes our steadfast companion as we grow. I read “Grow or Die” by George Land in graduate school. It emphasizes how growth is our biological raison d’etre. Growth can be painful, but the outcomes are sweet.

Over the past year, I embarked on a journey to make changes. I took on the project of redoing my website and digital presence out with the old at CitrinConsulting.com and in with the new at Richardcitrin.com. The name change is the recognition that the best I have to offer my clients is me.

2023 was my Year of Simplicity, and I’ve designed a site that echoes the effortlessness of my work. I listen, observe, share, and provide actionable feedback that brings results. Then I love hearing the delight in people’s voices when they tell me, “That worked!”

This transition is more than a change in a domain; it’s a commitment to giving you more of me. My value lies in years of experience, knowledge, and understanding, and it’s all presented to you in our meetings and conversations.

Take a moment to explore the revamped website. Navigation is streamlined, making access to valuable resources a breeze—Resilience Advantage Resources, an extensive blog library, the latest Resilient Wednesdays, and insights on becoming a “Strategy-Driven Leader.” I outline how I work with clients and what you can expect from our collaboration.

In 2024, my work will expand beyond leadership advising and business consultation:

  • Retail Client Work: Whether you seek career guidance, business ideas, or strategies for getting noticed, this service is tailored for individuals ready to take charge.
  • Family Businesses and Offices: Navigating the unique dynamics of family businesses, addressing leadership transitions, or resolving disputes—my expertise will bring calm and appreciation to families and their businesses.
  • In the Den: Some liken working with me to therapy; I clarify, it’s not therapy, but it is therapeutic. I help you shed unwanted baggage and overcome personal obstacles to success.

Moving forward, expect a treasure trove of content—regular blog updates, engaging video shorts, thought-provoking social media posts, and new resources empowering you to cultivate resilience, strengthen leadership, and find greater life satisfaction. This is more than a website; it’s a hub for meaningful conversations and collective growth. Resilience is a journey we navigate together.

Thank you for being part of this vibrant community. Your resilience fuels my inspiration, and I’m thrilled about the exciting journey we’re embarking on. Here’s to new beginnings, unstoppable growth, and the unwavering spirit of Resilient Wednesdays.

© Richard Citrin 2024

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Subscribe to Richard’s Resilient Wednesday:

Get a Midweek Boost and a bonus Sample Chapter from Strategy Driven Leadership

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