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After working with thousands of people over the past thirty years, I’ve learned that there are actions that successful people like you take to achieve their life goals.

After studying the science of success, I've discovered four elements that successful people embody to achieve their personal and professional goals.


You are growth oriented. You know yourself, you strive to get better every day, and you seek out happiness.


You are mindful of the world around yourself and respond to challenges and successes with thoughtful actions.


You understand that performance and leadership are a learned set of behaviors and require an intentional effort to develop and master.


You are resilient and don't just bounce back from challenges and adversity but bounce forward…to exploit life’s inevitabilities, and not succumb to them.

If this sounds like you…

Here is what you will want to know about me and how we can work together.

Connect with Richard:

I’ve helped people and organizations achieve their dreams my entire life. Understanding your strengths and opportunities, shaping ideas, thinking strategically and putting your dreams into action will occur in our work together. I’ve helped people and organization achieve success my entire life. My years of experience as a psychologist, entrepreneur, corporate executive author, leadership advisor and speaker come together to help you achieve your goals.

My clients tell me that I bring a unique blend of honesty, understanding and solutions that can be immediately put into action. Whether your group is part of a Fortune 500 company, a privately held family business or office, a start up, non-profit, or you are a solopreneur, our work together will change the way you see and act in the world.

I am a prolific writer, speaker and social media influencer. My three books and over forty professional and popular articles have won awards and reached tens of thousands of people. My presentations on resilience and leadership inspire others to carve their path and my blogs and podcasts are reviewed and passed on to many readers.

Resilience is the thread in my life. I’ve been blessed and lucky to achieve many of my professional and personal goals. Along the way I’ve taken some nasty blows that helps me empathize and understand others in a significant manner. I’ve built and lost businesses, gotten fired, and narrowly avoided business bankruptcy. On the other side of the coin, we built a company that served as a model for improving behavioral health care services, helped transform a failing company into a profitable business, provided resilience services to American Airlines staff after 9/11, and consulted with hundreds of organizations and individuals, many of whom were challenged with near existential issues.

I’ve been married since 1979 to my wife, Sheila Collins. We raised three children together, built and sold a business and dealt with some of life’s greatest challenge including the death of 2 of our adult kids. We’ve recognized and honored the strength of our family and continue to be committed to working and loving together.

Life has sent all of us challenges. Our work is to do more than survive.

Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Leaders Face Challenges Every Day.

Master Yours.

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