Richard Citrin, PhD

Richard Citrin bridges the gap between business, psychology, and entrepreneurship. He draws on his deep experience as a clinical psychologist, health care entrepreneur, corporate executive and leadership advisor to corporate leaders and family business owners to present his insights and ideas in a practical and powerful manner that creates real change and success for his clients whether they are corporate executives or the small business people trying to grow his or her enterprise.

His unique perspective on leadership, talent development and how we learn and grow from challenges and adversity is based on the idea that by using our strengths, talents and skills, and by aligning them in a purposeful and
powerful manner, real change occurs. Richard shares his insights in his writings, coaching and speaking.

After building and successfully selling his health care business to a national healthcare company, Richard moved into their senior leadership ranks where he assisted them in a turnaround endeavor by developing award winning programs in behavioral health and wellness that led Corphealth to be acquired by Humana Healthcare. From there, Richard was recruited to one of the nation’s finest healthcare systems at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where he was on a leadership team in the Insurance Services Division. His work at that time contributed to the Health Plan’s doubling their revenue in a 5-year period from $750 million to $1.5b.
After 12 years of corporate work, he decided to return to solopreneurship and opened his own corporate consulting practice focused on leadership development, business decision making, supporting family enterprises, non-profits, and philanthropies. His client base is across the United States and Internationally.

Richard has written over 40 professional and popular articles and has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune magazines. He co-authored three commercially published books. His first was part of the National How to Get A Job in (name your city). In 2016, he co-authored The Resilience Advantage with Alan Weiss, which changed the way people think about stress and their ability to respond to it. His newest book, co-written with Michael Couch, is Strategy Driven Leadership: A Playbook for Developing the Next Generation of Leaders, which discusses the failures of leadership development programs in corporate America and how organizations can powerfully grow their current leadership cadre and the next generation of leaders.

Richard holds a Ph.D., from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an MBA from the University of Dallas. He is a member of several professional organizations and frequently speaks at their conferences. He was recognized as “Champion of the Year” by STANDING FIRM, an organization that addresses the impact of partner and domestic violence in the workplace and is an active community volunteer in arts, human service and government organizations. Richard was named to the Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame, a global community consultant advisors to corporate and professional leaders and organizations.

Life has sent all of us challenges. Our work is to do more than survive.

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