Resilient People Create Resilient Organizations

Giving leaders and team members the skills to transform challenges into successes.


Strengthen the Skills of Resilience


Use Adversity for Success


Improve Wellness and Productivity

The Wall Street Journal recently reported a loss of 25% in team member productivity related to stress. This impact also effects employee wellness, moral and your corporate culture.

You'll never eliminate stress in the workplace, but you can change the conversation from "stress management" to "strengthening resilience."

The Resilience Advantage uses the newest ideas from business performance, neuropsychology and the science of how people change to transform adversity into achievement.

Use workplace challenges to drive success

When you have a culture of personal and organizational resilience:


Adversities become roadways instead of roadblocks.


Leaders address difficult situations with ease and grace.


People learn the skills of resilience and not just the concepts


Team members lean into discomfort with courage and confidence.


Trust and authenticity permeate throughout the team.


The workplace becomes healthier for everyone

A new way to define resilience:

The Resilience Advantage is our ability to “effectively plan for, navigate successfully in real time and bounce forward from challenging and difficult situations in such a way that we learn and grow from them.”

“Richard has created an understandable and actionable blueprint to increase resiliency.  "Plan, navigate, recover and strengthen”.  This formula for the "Resilience Advantage", whether for an individual or organization, based on understandable and engaging research, case studies and tools, provides both insight and actionable ways to improve enjoyment and achievement.”

Michael Parkinson, MD

Senior Medical Director, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan. Past President, American College of Preventive Medicine.

Richard Citrin is a leading global authority on resilience

His Amazon best selling book, The Resilience Advantage with Alan Weiss brings a ground-breaking approach to resilience embraced by scores of companies and leaders all over the world. Richard’s background in resilience is both personal and professional.

The Resilience Advantage


People around the world use the tools.


Over $25m in savings and productivity to clients.


Supported thousands of leaders and employees addressing organizational stressors


Thousand of people subscribe and read Richard’s weekly blog, Resilient Wednesday

All impacted by The Resilience Advantage.

Here is how we can work together to build organizational resilience

One to One Consultation

Leaders need support in keeping themselves in balance and focused. Overcoming doubt and finding courage is what resilience teaches us.

Resilience Competency for Leaders

Leaders are uncertain of how to support their team members. We teach them the skills of resilience so they can better support themselves and their team members.

Workshops and Speaking

Teams are the core way that work gets done. Keynote addresses or team workshops impart the heart of strengthening their resilience skills.

Richard's work on resilience includes:

Professional Publications in leading journals and books

Understanding that resilience is hard wired into our systems and is not something we build, but strengthen.

His best clients use resilience as an essential strategy for addressing workplace stress

Managers and leaders gain critical skills in helping employees deal with the complexities of workplace ambiguities.

The Resilience Advantage Resource Bank, and additional free resources available.

Exclusive resources to build personal and organizational resilience

The Resilience Advantage Questionnaire

My Resilience Advantage Plan


Resilient Mindfulness Meditations

Let's talk about how The Resilience Advantage can help you, your team and organization.

How We Connect

Call me at 412-327-8744 or Email me to set up appointment

We discuss and set objectives

Life and work gets better

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