Advisory and Coaching Services

Every successful person knows the value of having a trusted advisor or coach who provides a listening ear, insightful perspectives, and actionable ideas.


Set Goals


Gain Clarity


Live Success

When we work together, this will be our approach:



We’ll discover what is at the heart of your work and life.


A strategy and plan to make these objectives happen

You’ll have confidence that we will achieve your goals


The metrics to measure success.

So you can see your progress and celebrate


Taking On Difficulties

We grow through the tough challenges in our lives. I will help you learn to navigate adversities, and you will come out stronger.

Why settle for average when you can achieve greatness?

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams? Our work together will help you identify your strengths and overcome your limitations, so you can thrive in all ares of your life. Don't let self-doubt or negativity hold you back - let's create a new vision for your future and make it a reality.

As a psychologist, entrepreneur, business owner, corporate executive, consultant, and author, I bring a wealth of experience to help you overcome your greatest challenges and step into your greatness.

I've helped countless clients achieve remarkable results, such as:


Saving client corporations over $500m in costs and increased productivity


Successfully supporting a $50m merger and acquisition through ongoing coaching of senior leaders


Helping find the right career and lifestyle for people going through work and life transitions, changes and challenges


Reducing project implementation time by 6 months through improved collaboration and communication


Developing second-generation family members in family businesses


Cutting workplace stress in half through resilience training and coaching

Together, we will achieve your goals.

Here are some of the ways I work with clients:


Trusted Advisor:

Confidential and actionable, our sessions will help you find the answers you need to succeed. The best investment you can make in your business is in you. When you, the leader of your business become more strategic, improve your skills and abilities, and learn how to generate the kind of results you want – you become unstoppable.


Consultation and Facilitation:

My consultation and facilitation sessions are fun, productive and move people towards lasting change. Whether it is building a strength-based team or facilitating a workplace conflict, our sessions will work.


Family Offices and Businesses:

Join the exciting journey of Family Business 2.0, as next-generation leaders bring new perspectives and community-focused problem-solving to the table.


In the Den:

Say goodbye to unwanted baggage and personal obstacles with our clinical and business expertise. I’ll provide you with the wisdom and courage to tackle personal and interpersonal issues head-on and achieve your goals with confidence.

How We Connect


Call me at 412-327-8744 or Email me to set up appointment


We discuss and set objectives


Life and work gets better

Download my complementary PDF on becoming a strategy-driven leader

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