Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Leaders Face Challenges Every Day.

Master Yours.

Exploit the Inevitable

Reactions can be difficult to manage on your own. When you work with a trusted advisor, they can help you understand these events so that you can use them to your advantage. You already have most of the knowledge, skills and life experiences to overcome them.

Together we can achieve your goals.

Richard Citrin, Ph.D., MBA

For over 25 years, I’ve advised my clients on ways to catapult their businesses and transform their lives. With a career that has included a doctorate in psychology, clinician business owner, corporate health care executive, speaker, award winning author and business psychologist, I’ve helped thousands of people and hundreds of companies realize over half a billion dollars in savings and productivity. More importantly, I’ve helped businesses grow and individuals achieve life goals they thought were impossible.

Here is what some of my clients say about me:

“Richard has been an instrumental part of my personal development - helping me to navigate change, to improve my political savvy and to leverage my strengths to improve business outcomes. He brings both a strategic and tactical perspective to problems and his wisdom is unrivaled. I've had the opportunity to work with Richard on 3 different occasions throughout my career and he has exceeded my expectations with every engagement!”

Janelle Brewer

Senior Vice President, Calgon Carbon Corporation

"Too often, there is a gap between what leadership development efforts promise and what they actually deliver. Thank goodness, then for Richard Citrin and Michael Couch for starting with the organization's business strategy, buiding skills through actua experiences and giving readers an evidence-based approach that delivers results.”

Dan Pink

New York Times, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

"Richard. you write well and even better—you ask good and thoughtful questions. In an era marked with a search for quick, brief answers, it is refreshing and enabling to have someone ask clear, focused, thoughtful questions that invite the reader to reflect. I can’t think of anything more needed right now than an invitation to listen and consider and contribute. That sort of style belongs to heroes who are willing to envisage a perspective other than their own."

Dr. Roy Martin

Assistant Professor of Medical Education, Univeristy of North Texas Medical Center

"Richard, I need to tell you that the plan that we worked on together during our last 2-3 discussions prior to my assignment overseas been a powerful tool. It helped me to get up to speed in my new role, with my colleagues, with my new bosses and also with the markets much faster than expected. It was even recognized during my Year-End performance review."

Damien Schrobiltgen

VP, Asia Pacific Goodyear Tire and Rubber

Resources Available

Strategy Driven Leadership

Strategy-Driven Leadership, co-written with Michael Couch, is the playbook for developing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. Based on the latest research on Leadership, neuroscience, and culture, along with our combined 50 years of leadership experience, this book offers readers a carefully curated roadmap to strengthen leadership skills and provide a lifelong path for professional growth.

The Resilience Advantage, co-authored with Alan Weiss helps each of us create a new relationship with stress and explains why resilience is it’s antidote. Based on our original thinking of resilience, our life experiences, and the latest research, The Resilience Advantage  provides an understandable framework and actionable steps to help readers address challenges and adversities in a powerful and effective manner.


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The Resilience Advantage Questionnaire:

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10 Keys to Being a Strategy-Driven Leader

Are you “Strategy-Driven? Check out my “10 Keys to Being a Strategy-Driven Leader” and find success for yourself and your organization

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