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In a world where everyone seems to be seeking the next big thing, the real question isn’t just about what’s on the horizon; it’s about aligning your journey with your most important values. At the core of every decision, especially when contemplating the next steps in your career, lies the relationship between your personal principles and professional aspirations. This isn’t just about following a career path but crafting a life.

For many people, it may be about moving from an unhappy job, expanding skill sets or looking to move into their “refirement” (not retirement) phase.

I’ve tried to follow this approach for myself, and at times, it’s been scary. I started a healthcare business with my wife when managed care was cutting costs. We moved to Pittsburgh for a career change for me, only to be a part of a “reduction in force” (read fired) five years later. I’ve been solo consulting to large corporations for the past dozen years.

Now, I’m ready for something new: working with individuals on their path, both in their careers and in their lives.

Over all these years, I’ve learned that the secret to career and personal success and satisfaction lies far beyond my technical skills. It’s about understanding what truly matters to me, how I can help others, and what new things I can learn.

One group that constantly inspires me is Gen Z (twenty-five and younger). Their insight and understanding of the world far exceeds mine when I was their age. As they look toward the future, they see both the excitement and challenges of the world and are already taking action. These folks are not just preparing for a future of work; they’re shaping a future of life, exploring how their passions and values coalesce into their life work.

One of my colleagues and friends,  Matthew Mabel, an exceptional advisor to elite restaurateurs, recently unveiled a glimpse into this transformative vision. Through an engaging blog post recounting a high school restaurant competition, he showcased how the next generation envisions a world where work and personal life are not at odds but in unison. Their approach? A life where happiness metrics outweigh productivity charts, experiences are as rich and diverse, and community and contribution are primary in their thinking and actions.

These insights prompted me to consider a few ideas about how we blend our work and life. Are we working in a way where we get energy from our efforts or where we are drained? Sometimes, it’s a matter of perspective. Are we merely existing in our careers or living through them?

“What’s Next” is more than a question; it’s a journey—a call to explore what truly ignites my and your passions. It’s a chance to:

  • Reflect on whether your work fills you with energy or leaves you longing for more.
  • Assess how your environment, the people you collaborate with, and the values of your workplace align with your definition of success.
  • Reimagine your career trajectory, including how you transition out of your career, not as a ladder to climb but as a landscape to explore, rich with opportunities to learn, mentor, and venture into new realms.
  • How do we successfully transition out of those phases in your life so we find purpose and satisfaction

If you’re pondering your next step, wondering how to merge your passion with your profession, or seeking a path that resonates with your core values, reach out. Let’s engage in a conversation that costs nothing but holds the potential to change everything.

It’s time to explore the future of work, life and refirement—yours.

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Subscribe to Richard’s Resilient Wednesday:

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