The Next Phase

Richard Citrin Ph.D., MBA
Richard Citrin Ph.D., MBA

Much like our need to be able to do testing for the virus and antibodies, we also need to be able to assess where we and our organizations are in the phases of this pandemic and our plans for returning to work.

During this first phase, which I referred to as “Getting Settled,” we moved through 3 periods which were all about accepting this current reality:

  1. Create a sense of safety and security: We got our family together, loaded up on toilet paper and established the rules for keeping safe.
  2. Gain stability and focus on well-being: We recognized the importance of developing routines for ourselves and our family and looked to take good care of ourselves to ensure our health.
  3. Wondering about the new normal: We settled into routines but in the corner of our minds wondered,  “is this the new normal?” (answer is no!).

As we begin to plan for returning to work, we are about to enter a new phase which is what I am calling “Moving Out” which will take us back to work and the world.

I’ve been conducting “Resilience Assessments” for several clients where we are asking employees what they will need to feel comfortable returning to work and how prepared are they for an environment that may be a bit different, for example:

  1. What will be the new norms for the workplace?
  2. What works to do virtually and what needs to be in person?
  3. How will government requirements impact our business demands?
  4. How will we respond to shifting client demands?
  5. What will we need to change, keep the same or let go of in doing our work?

Much as our public health officials point out, without a comprehensive set of testing, which may include determining if someone is infected or has been infected, we need to have the data about the attitudes of our employees ability to return to work so that we can create a sense of safety and support in order for them to both show up and perform capably.

Your Challenge This Week: Take a look at how your organization is preparing for a return to work.

I am conducting Resilience Assessments for large and small organizations. Give me a call and let’s discuss how your organization can get back to work quickly and safely.

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Subscribe to Richard’s Resilient Wednesday:

Get a Midweek Boost and a bonus Sample Chapter from Strategy Driven Leadership

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