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Richard Citrin Ph.D., MBA
Richard Citrin Ph.D., MBA

Last week’s Resilient Wednesday, on July 4th, sparked much conversation about the state of America. Many readers shared their hopes for a positive future while expressing fears that a darker reality might unfold.

Two insightful items came across my desk this week, furthering this conversation. One was a story in Friday’s Nice News about “protopias”—a concept focusing on a positive future, in contrast to the dystopias depicted in works like 1984 or The Handmaid’s Tale. Activist Kathryn Murdoch’s PBS series, A Brief History of the Future, showcases how bright our future can be.

Additionally, Warren Buffet’s timeless advice, “Never bet against America,” reminds me that whenever I’ve been discouraged about our country’s situation, things work out. If I believe in democracy, I have to take it all the way to say that this is the best system, and we will figure it out.

In my discussions with clients, I often emphasize the importance of recognizing our many choices, even when it feels like we’re stuck in a worst-case scenario. Our natural negativity bias makes us default to the most alarming outcomes. However, we have the power to change that perspective.

Here are three ways to create better and happier expectations:

  1. Consider All Scenarios: When evaluating situations, consider the worst-case, best-case, and most probable outcomes. Align these perspectives so that if the fear of a doomsday scenario shows up, the best-case scenario becomes equally dramatic in a positive sense—like becoming “king of the universe.”
  2. Start from Gratitude: Begin by acknowledging the positive aspects of life. Recognize skills and achievements that have carried the day. This appreciation builds confidence in your ability to solve problems and find solutions.
  3. Seek Diverse Perspectives: We don’t solve problems in isolation. Other people can provide valuable insights, experiences, and support. No matter how challenging a situation seems, discussing it with others can reveal new solutions and offer the encouragement needed to tackle it effectively.

Take a moment today to implement these strategies in your own life. Reflect on the best possible outcomes, practice gratitude, and reach out to someone for a fresh perspective. Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below, email me, or post on social media using #ResilientWednesdays. Let’s build a community focused on positivity and resilience, shaping a brighter future together.

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