Reflecting on Ten Years of Resilient Wednesdays

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My friend Randall recently pointed out that 2024 will mark the tenth anniversary of Resilient Wednesdays, a milestone encompassing 468 issues. As I reflect on this journey, I am not only amazed by the persistence that brought me here but also proud that I’ve managed to keep the perspectives on resilience fresh, engaging, and helpful. Judging by the positive responses from my readers and the substantial 33% weekly open rate from my mailing list, it seems I am doing a commendable job, well above the average of 22%.

The first blog of 2023, titled “Simplifying,” set the tone for the year, and that message oversaw my office as a constant reminder. Successfully integrating that approach took away any pressures to have to come up with brilliant ideas every week.

Writing these posts sometimes leads to amusing discoveries, such as not always remembering what I’ve written. In the spring, I delved into “RELAXING,” highlighting the challenge many face in effectively doing so. Interestingly, I revisited the same topic in late summer, emphasizing it with three exclamation marks!!!

A three-part Resilient Wednesday series on “Who Do You Trust” became a highlight, garnering the highest open rate of all my blogs this year. Delving into assessing and determining reliable individuals in our lives struck a chord with many, emphasizing the importance of a strong and trustworthy support system in a resilient world.

Balancing resilience across work, family, and personal spheres has been a focus. From exploring resilience in the workplace with blogs like “The Family Business” and “Rethinking the Traumatizing Workplace” to addressing family and community resilience in posts like “Helping our Teenagers” and “Finding a Path to Resilience when Hatred Strikes,” the diversity of topics has resonated with a broad audience. Personal resilience was also highlighted in blogs like “Do it With Joy” and “Seventeen Minutes to a Great Day b6 tvg.”

People often ask how I manage to find fresh ideas every week. I share with them that the world is teeming with resilience, and my task is to remain observant throughout the day to witness the myriad ways individuals magnificently navigate their lives.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed these posts, and if there’s a particular topic of interest for you or if you’d like to contribute a guest blog on your thoughts on resilience, please let me know!

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