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Two great challenges have confronted us in 2020. The global pandemic and our presidential election. We have essentially resolved one of them and while the other seems to be worsening, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel as both Pfizer and Moderna announced virus breakthroughs. We do, however had a challenging road ahead.

But, let’s just focus on what we’ve gotten through so far.

The election was predicted to be a potential disaster. Fueled by misinformation and fear, the basic threat to our most basic our democratic rights—our ability to vote for the candidate of our choice—could have been meaningfully derailed.

But it wasn’t and the actions that were put in place demonstrated one of the core principles of resilience—preparation and navigation. There are several elements that were put in place that ensured the stability of the system and that have application not just to national actions but to personal ones.

  1. Processes and systems: Even with the short time frame, the system of creating a massive mail in voting system was designed and implemented. While there were some flaws and errors in the system, it worked at an extraordinary high rate of accuracy.
  2. Communication: I don’t know about you, but I could not watch an hour of commercial TV without seeing an ad from the PA Department of State informing me about how to fill out my ballot. Along with letters from my county board and phone calls from candidate volunteers, I knew how to use the “secret envelope” and how to sign the outer envelope carefully before dropping it off at an official location.
  3. Dedication: We saw the videos i of poll workers putting in long hours to count and verify votes. Believing in what you are doing and contributing to the greater good is a hallmark of American commitment
  4. Trust: While I may believe that some of our election laws are unfair (like the Electoral College), I respect that it is the law of the land and recognize that I have to operate within that system. I don’t believe that individuals or groups of individuals will conspire to hijack the election. I didn’t believe it in 2000 when Bush v. Gore was being tested and I don’t believe it in 2020.

We’ll get through the Covid-19 crisis in much the same way with predictable actions, the dedication of health care workers and scientists, and the cultural belief that we are all doing this together.  Stay focused on what is working and your own natural resilience will continue to guide a path for you and your loved ones

The Leadership Café

We released 2 amazing interviews last week

  • Brook Ward is the President and CEO of Washington Health System (WHS) in Washington County, Pennsylvania. In his role, Ward provides leadership, direction and administration across the entire Washington Health System. Working with the health system’s Board of Directors, he charts the course of the health system in response to the health care needs of the community.
    In this episode, Brook discusses the challenges WHS has faced due to the changes caused by Covid-19, and the goals they have to improve their digital presence.
  • John Moran is the Chief Executive Officer of Inovera Health, a company that is dedicated to improving all aspects of the sterile processing function for hospitals and surgery centers.
    In this episode, John discusses his journey as an experienced medical specialist, how he discovered the need in the medical field to start Inovera Health, and how he sees technology being the solution to aiding the pandemic. 

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