Let’s Get Back to Normal

Richard Citrin Ph.D., MBA
Richard Citrin Ph.D., MBA

New normal, old normal, new normal becoming the old normal. I’ve heard it all lately, including from a colleague who is going to trademark “no normal.”

I get it, the world has changed as a result of Covid. We have to be nimble, ready for change, manage ambiguity gracefully, and figure out if we want to work from home, the office  work or find a hybrid way of living, maybe living in an RV and being nomadic.

It’s enough to create another pandemic of catastrophic psychiatric proportions.

From a resilience perspective, we need a little time to chill, to unwind, to catch our breath and to lower our collective heart rates. This is the recovery and recharge part of the Resilience Advantage.

Our bodies want and need to do this. Call it the Great Balance.

It’s good that we are coming to this phase in the summertime as it makes it easier to get out and back to nature, enjoy eating al fresco, travel and share holiday experiences with family and friends, and just have a chance to go on walks and enjoy the sun on our faces.

One of my CEO clients called me the other day and tell me she is ready to get together for a lunch or dinner and check in. Another one in California wants us to make a trip to meet with his team in real time instead of virtually. We’re going to get that on our calendars for July and while I’m out there, I’m going to figure out about some vacation time for me and my sweetie.

I’m getting back to normal…and I hope you can too.


The Leadership Café 

This week’s Leadership Café featured Julie Gerdeman, CEO of HealthPay24, where she is leading efforts to drive significant change in how payments are made within the healthcare world, creating a better and more efficient experience for both the patient and the provider.

Julie had some great insights from our discussion that she shared on LinkedIn:

  1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone is one of the scariest things we can do, but the outcomes always make it worth it!
  2. Find your tribe – the culture you create and the group of people you surround yourself with make a huge impact on your growth and self-confidence as a leader.
  3. Communication is one of the most important elements of effective leadership – you cannot communicate enough to your team!
  4. Time to reflect is valuable – it gives us the chance to pause and think things through. The values from our experiences are endless.

If you lead a business or just have some great ideas to share, let us know as we’d like to consider you joining us on The Leadership Cafe

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Subscribe to Richard’s Resilient Wednesday:

Get a Midweek Boost and a bonus Sample Chapter from Strategy Driven Leadership

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