A Resilient Heart for Valentine’s Day

Richard Citrin Ph.D., MBA
Richard Citrin Ph.D., MBA

Hey there, resilient lovers!

Valentine’s Day is a day for romantic love. I want to suggest that sometime today, however, we all take a moment to celebrate a different kind of love—the love we have for ourselves and how that fosters our resilience.

Resilience is more than just bouncing back from adversity. It also entails having a storehouse of energy so that when we face challenges, we have the resources to address them successfully. It is far better to deal with stress before it gets out of control. To do that requires our building capacity to address difficulties before they drain us of our strength. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to honor and nurture the resilience within ourselves as well as with those we love.

So, how can we show ourselves some love and cultivate resilience this Valentine’s Day? Here are a few ideas to get all of us started:

  1. Practice Self-Compassion: Resilience begins with self-compassion—the ability to be kind and understanding toward ourselves, especially in times of difficulty. This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself with the same love and compassion you would show to a dear friend. Take time to acknowledge your strengths, celebrate your successes, and forgive yourself for any perceived shortcomings.
  2. Find Joy in Small Moments: Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back from significant setbacks; it’s also about finding joy and meaning in everyday life. Take a moment this Valentine’s Day to savor the simple pleasures—a warm cup of coffee, a beautiful sunrise, or a heartfelt conversation with a loved one. Cultivating gratitude for the small moments of beauty and joy can help build resilience for life’s challenges.
  3. Connect with Others: Valentine’s Day is all about romantic love, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to connect with friends, family, and others you care about. Go ahead and pick up the phone today and tell a few buds how much you appreciate and love them. Building and nurturing these connections strengthens your community so they know you are with them, which means they are with you.
  4. Do a Random Act of Kindness: Do you remember filling out Valentine’s for everyone in your elementary school classes? That simple act of kindness meant that everyone received a valentine. Taking opportunities to be nice to others is a nice thing to do today (and other days.) Find your random act and notice how your simple action brings smiles to others.

Let’s celebrate not just the love we have for others but discover the caring and resilience within each of us. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, remember that the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself. So, take a moment to show yourself some love in whatever way makes you smile.

I think I will visit my hot tub tonight for a bit of self-care!

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